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5 Reasons Patio Doors Keep You Secure

5 Reasons Patio Doors Keep You Secure

February 1, 2023

Well-constructed patio doors offer a great deal of security if properly maintained and well-installed. The trick to ensuring that your patio doors are secure is in purchasing quality products made from durable materials. A smart design means everything in good patio doors. Here’s what you need to know.

Reasons Why Patio Doors Keep You Secure

There are many ways that your patio doors keep you secure, particularly when you’re working with a quality door supplier. Here’s what you need to know about why patio doors keep you safe.

1. Protect Your Investment by Improving Home Value

Good patio doors, like other door types, can improve your home’s value and make your home more attractive to buyers. This protects your home by protecting your investment. The trick to ensuring that your home’s patio doors will improve your home’s value is in purchasing quality doors made from long-lasting materials.

2. Deter Intruders to Protect Your Family and Household

Many patio doors have features to deter intruders, which can protect your family, your household, and your belongings. They may not look like they could deter intruders easily, but it is not easy to break into a good set of patio doors. They’re designed to keep the world out, even as they allow a view of the world in.

  • Secure lock. Good doors feature a secure locking mechanism to help keep out anyone who shouldn’t be in your home.
  • Strong glass. There are a variety of different glass types that can be used in patio doors. Each type comes with its own features. Impact glass is designed to be impenetrable, and can be used to protect your home.
  • Sturdy frame. A sturdy frame is another feature that can help protect your home from intruders, by creating a barrier that no one can easily get through.

3. Sturdy Construction Protects from Storms

The same strength that protects your home from intruders can also be used to protect your home from storms. Any patio door that’s designed with a strong lock, a sturdy frame, and impact glass can also protect your home against strong winds and high impacts from flying debris.

Don’t let that large pane of glass fool you – impact glass is specially laminated or laminated insulating and designed to stay strong during tropical storms and hurricanes. Laminated glass consists of two panes of glass bonded together with an interlayer. Laminated insulating glass consists of three layers: an outside pane, a middle airspace, and a layer of laminated glass.

4. Energy Efficient Design Protects from Energy Loss

No high-performance patio door would be complete without energy efficiency. The glass helps keep heat outside and cool air inside during the summer – and the reverse when winter rolls around. There are several qualities that help contribute to energy efficient design for most patio doors:

  • Caulking. Weatherproof caulking helps prevent energy leaks and drafts. Strong caulking will last for years before it needs to be replaced.
  • Energy efficient material. Many patio doors are made of vinyl or aluminum, which has good thermal insulation and is highly energy efficient.

5. Layered, Sturdy Design Protects from Loud Noises

Strong doors keep out sounds, especially when impact glass is used in the construction of the door. Impact glass’s layers absorb noises for a quiet experience inside. Outside sounds like lawn mowers, airplanes, and barking dogs are minimized by as much as 65% with a strong, impact-resistant door.

What to Look For in Patio Doors

Sturdy construction. Look for patio doors made from sturdy material, treated glass, and weatherproofing elements, such as caulking. This helps ensure that your doors will last a long time, resist impacts from outside forces, and protect your home from drafts.

Energy efficiency. Some of the most energy efficient terrace doors are made from highly energy efficient glass and aluminum or vinyl. Homeowners specifically need doors that are capable of deflecting heat back into the house or away from the house, depending on the time of year.

Made from impact glass. Impact glass is important for anyone living on the Florida peninsula and other coastal regions. Good patio doors are a part of your home’s hurricane protection, and can help keep your home safe in the event of a strong storm or the next hurricane.

Reputable brand. The best brands make the best features for coastal homes. When you’re seeking a terrace or patio door for your home, it’s important to choose a product that’s made from a well-respected brand. Good manufacturers focus on creating long-lasting, durable patio doors that can withstand years of regular use, exposure to harsh storms and salty air, and exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

Seeking a Patio or Terrace Door for Your Home? Shop Around

Shopping around for the right doors and windows for your home can help ensure that the doors you purchase are befitting of your home’s character. See the products in the showrooms before making a purchase. This makes it easier to come to a decision and can help ensure that the door you buy for your home will be just right.