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Bigger, Better Views and a More Inviting Space

Bigger, Better Views and a More Inviting Space

April 5, 2023
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The most effective home improvements can enhance not only the functionality of your home but also the comfort and everyday enjoyment of your living spaces. We engineered our WinGuard® Preferred View Sliding Glass Door (SGD770NS) to do all that and a lot more. Featuring narrow interlocks, this new style enhances your view and your home – without compromising impact strength — to offer:

Wider Views

Slim interlocks make a big difference. Designed to disappear into your surroundings, the Preferred View Sliding Glass Door lets you invite the outdoors in with bigger and better views. No matter the weather or time of day. Have an al-fresco-like experience daily in dining areas even during a summer storm or wake up to a more natural environment every morning in your master bedroom. It’s truly a home-life enhancement.

More Natural Light

More glass equals more natural light, which has many benefits for the beauty and mood of your space. Interior designers use extra light to make homes appear more open and expansive while also enhancing textures and colors to elevate style. With the increased illumination provided by Preferred View Sliding Glass Door, there’s also the potential bonus of stimulated productivity (great for those who work from home), stress reduction, and better sleep.*

Energy Savings

Boosting energy efficiency is a goal of many home improvement projects. Replacing windows and doors with the WinGuard® impact line and its many energy-saving options can help. Solar-diffusing glass tints and thermal enhancements, like argon gas and high-performance Low-E, are available customizations for the Preferred View Sliding Glass Door. Additionally, the extra natural light could reduce the need for artificial sources.

Peace of Mind

Enjoy the sleekness that half-width interlocks provide — without compromising impact quality or strength. Our WinGuard® Preferred View Sliding Glass Door provides all the benefits of our impact technology to increase comfort and peace of mind with strong intruder deterrence, resistance to extreme weather elements, and sound protection by up to 65%**. No matter what’s going on outside, you’ll feel safer and more secure in your home.

Ready to enhance your view and your home?


**Sound reduction demonstrations are based upon the PGT Custom Windows + Doors WinGuard Aluminum Picture Window’s (PW7720A) OITC rating compared to a single-pane window with an OITC rating of 19. Actual results may vary.