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Set Your Home Apart with Creatively Placed Picture Windows

Set Your Home Apart with Creatively Placed Picture Windows

February 15, 2023
Aluminum Picture Window

Picture windows create a view into the world that’s easy to love, but what if you want to have a picture window that’s truly impressive? With creative placement of your picture window, you can create true beauty in your home. In this article, we’ll explore the different ways that glass picture windows can be used to enhance the décor and architectural style of your home. We’ll discuss how placement of picture windows makes all the difference. We’ll also talk about interesting ways to call attention to the scenes that your picture window displays.

Whether you’re building a home and installing picture windows, or simply installing a new picture window where one didn’t exist before, here’s what to know about smart window placement.

Frame an Enviable View

Walk the perimeter around your home, really looking at what you see. Are you noticing far off views of impressive natural beauty? Perhaps you’re noticing the way your garden enhances the world around your home?

Stand in front of the most impressive view you can find. It can be a view seen from a distance or something close to your house. This location is where your picture window should be placed.

Plan to frame the scene in your window. To do this, consider a black finish for your window frame, as black contrasts sharply against the natural scene, and can create a sense of an actual frame around a picture.

Make it Floor to Ceiling

Traditional picture windows tend to be placed several feet off the floor, just like a real picture you might hang on your wall. But what if your picture window was so large that it extended from the floor to the ceiling of your home?

A floor to ceiling picture window creates the impression that you could easily step outside the window and enter the world beyond. Floor to ceiling picture windows create the sensation of bringing the natural world into the home. By emitting more light into your home, a large picture window can create a comfortable, peaceful ambiance.

Put the Window in the Bedroom

Picture windows often appear in parts of the home that are more public in nature. The living room, for example, is a common area where picture windows are placed. However, there are many parts of the house where picture windows are not traditionally placed, where the presence of a picture window can be exciting and daring.

Consider a picture window in the bedroom, for example. While this may not be appropriate in a crowded urban neighborhood, in a rural area or on a large lot, such a window would allow the homeowner to enjoy the beauty outside from the comfort of their bedroom.

What about a picture window in the bathroom?

Again, most homeowners would not consider such a window in an urban area. However, a window in the bathroom on the second floor – one that overlooked a beautiful ocean view – could be thrilling. Consider placing your picture window in front of your jetted bathtub.

Make the Window the Purpose of the Space

Consider placing a picture window at the end of a hallway. You could position a chair at the end of the hallway as well, and a few books on the floor for light reading.

Rather than putting the picture window in a bedroom, living room or a guest room, the picture window would exist in a part of the house where no one would normally spend time. The window, in fact, would give you a reason to spend time there, and would become the purpose behind the window.

Place Two Picture Windows Perpendicular to Each Other

What if you placed two picture windows side by side on perpendicular walls, giving the viewer in the house a panoramic view of the world outside? This enhanced view is larger than life and can be very impressive.

Of course, it’s best to install both windows in a location where the view is particularly outstanding, so work with your window installer to choose a location for both windows where they can be of best use.

Make It An Unusual Shape

Most windows are rectangular. However, custom windows can be made in any shape, including round and oval. Choose a striking shape for one of your custom picture windows to draw more attention to the window and the view itself. Avoid mixing and matching more than two window shapes on one house, as this can create a disjointed appearance.

Pair More Your Picture Window With Other Windows

Picture windows can be paired with a variety of other windows including casement windows, awning windows, double hung and single hung. Installing vented windows on one or two sides of the picture window simply adds to the beauty while also ensuring proper ventilation.

Your window dealer can help you envision what the combination of windows will look like. This can decide for yourself if the window combination you’ve selected is right for your space.

Bring the Exterior Into the Interior

One way to enhance the scene on the other side of your picture window is not just through smart placement of the window itself, but by using decor that acknowledges and enhances the scene outside and makes the window a more integrated part of your home’s interior. For example, if the scene outside your picture window includes palm trees and tropical flowers, decorate the interior around the picture window with palms and tropical flowers as well.

These small touches can draw attention to the world outside the picture window, while also creating the impression that the exterior world has somehow made its way inside your home. With the beauty outside and the beauty inside echoing one another, you’ll be able to create a beautiful scene that leaves visitors and family members stunned.

Choose the Right Window

The best way to ensure that your picture window will be a striking and attractive addition to your home is to work with a reputable window dealer. Go see the windows you’re considering for your home in a showroom, and consider multiple brands before settling on the one that will make the best addition for your home.

When choosing a window, consider its energy efficiency as well as durability. Select one with tempered glass. Tempered glass is a strong glass that will add value to the window and help ensure a long life for your picture window. When you’ve selected the right window for your home, you’ll know. Its beauty will be immediately obvious and the value will be clear. You’ll thank yourself for having chosen wisely.