Impact products are designed to protect against extreme weather, would-be intruders, outside noises, and much more. Although debris may crack the glass, impact doors and windows are built with a durable interlayer that helps prevent destructive elements from entering your home. Specifically, if the glass breaks, the shattered pieces adhere to a strong, clear interlayer. See how impact windows and doors work.

Impact windows create another barrier of home security against intruders. In 23% of break-ins, the first-floor window is the entry point*. Even if struck or damaged, the shatter-resistant glass used for impact windows and doors will stay securely within the frame, leaving no opening for burglars. 63% of owners of impact resistant windows say they are never or rarely concerned about intruders**.

Impact windows and doors absorb sound rather than transmit it, reducing everyday noises, like thunder, lawnmowers, airplanes, barking dogs, and traffic. Although impact windows aren’t considered soundproof windows, they can help make your home significantly quieter. Hear the difference on our Better Sound Protection page.

Hurricane-prone regions throughout Florida are considered “wind-borne debris territories.” In these zones, shutters, plywood, or impact products are required for residential remodels and new construction. Miami-Dade and Broward counties have the most stringent codes in the United States and require even more protection. If you are unsure about the building codes in your area, an authorized impact dealer can help you. Deciding between impact windows or shutters? Learn what is best for your home.

At PGT, we don’t just build exceptional hurricane windows and doors. We lead the industry when it comes to safety and innovation. Following the historic Hurricane Andrew in 1992, we helped write many of the most rigorous impact code requirements in the world. We also hold the most Miami-Dade certifications in the industry. Headquartered right here in the heart of hurricane activity in North Venice, Florida, we custom manufacture windows and doors to deliver beautiful, durable products that protect your family.

Impact-resistant windows and doors come in many styles and sizes — some manufacturers, like us, will even customize non-standard sizes to fit your project. You can find an authorized impact window dealer near you by visiting our dealer locator.

Our aluminum products provide strength and protection with a contemporary style for both new construction and replacement window projects. Our aluminum frames are mechanically fastened at the corners for added strength, and use corrosion resistant hardware for enhanced durability. Our aluminum frames are common in southern Florida, and are built to withstand the strongest storms to keep your family safe.
Our vinyl products deliver a clean look that requires little to no maintenance. Because vinyl is resistant to environmental factors without sacrificing strength, you can be confident that your windows and doors will provide long-lasting protection from severe storms, potential intruders, or other outside dangers. Vinyl is also resistant to salt corrosion, so it’s ideal in coastal areas. Vinyl windows can also deliver significant energy savings due to their insulating qualities. We are pleased to offer many ENERGY STAR® rated window and door configurations.

Cost & Savings

Impact windows deliver superior protection from hurricanes and extreme weather — and priceless peace of mind. When a storm hits, you’ll know you’re already protected. With PGT’s vinyl window and door lines, options like low-E coatings, glass tints, and argon glass can help you achieve ENERGY STAR® ratings and potentially see substantial savings on heating and cooling costs. Additionally, impact resistant windows can qualify homeowners for insurance premium discounts and local rebate programs if available.

Upgrading your home’s windows and doors is one of the best investments you can make, especially if you live in a hurricane-prone region. Current estimates show up to an 86% ROI*** on impact window installations.

If all of your home’s openings are protected by impact resistant windows and doors, you could qualify for a lower insurance premium and even local rebate programs in some areas. Check with your insurance carrier for more information on available discounts.

Our impact windows and doors come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and with many different features. All of these factors contribute to your overall investment. We sell exclusively through our dealer network, and one of our authorized partners can help you find the solution that suits you and your home best. Visit our Where to Buy page to find one in your area.

Maintenance & Warranty

With PGT, you can rest assured that you’re receiving one of the best warranties in the industry. You can find and print warranty information, or register your products online by visiting our Warranty page.

Our windows and doors are designed to be low maintenance. In most environments, a quick yearly cleaning and occasional care will keep your products looking and functioning like new. Visit our Care & Maintenance page for helpful tips to clean and preserve your windows and doors for enduring style and protection.


As part of the PGT Innovations family of brands, our mission is to serve and protect the community with exceptional windows and doors. We are one of Sarasota County’s largest employers with over 2,000 individuals employed here in North Venice, and we offer a competitive compensation package with opportunities for advancement.  Please visit our career page to browse our open positions. If you see one that interests you, you may apply online. Good luck!

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