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10 Things to Bring to a Hurricane Shelter

10 Things to Bring to a Hurricane Shelter

August 5, 2019
Hurricane Windows - Hurricane Safety - Tempered Glass

In the event of a hurricane, the number-one question is whether to stay in town or evacuate to a safer environment. Numerous communities offer a great resource: hurricane shelters.

Each area provides a safe building for families in the community to come together and ride out the storm in a sturdy, secure setting. But a hurricane shelter may fill up fast, and supplies are limited.

Below is a list of essential items to bring with you to a hurricane shelter.

1. Medication

Make sure you have more than three days of medication with you. If it’s prescription medication, you’ll need to order more before the hurricane comes. Pharmacies will most likely be closed days before or after the hurricane, depending on the amount of damage.

2. Water and Food

If you’re staying in a shelter, there will be many people in your community who have sought refuge there as well. Everyone will be hungry and thirsty, so it’s important to bring your own food and water to ensure that you and your family have a supply. Don’t forget to take a can opener if you’re bringing canned, nonperishable food.

3. Flashlight and Weather Radio

Having a weather radio is important because it keeps you updated on weather conditions. There’s also a good chance that the electricity will go out during the storm, so take a flashlight with you to have a reliable light source.

4. Clothing

A comfortable change of clothing is essential. There’s no telling how long the hurricane will last, or when it will be safe to leave the shelter. Wear and bring clothes that are comfy and easy to wear.

5. Bedding

Blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, and other comfortable items for sitting and sleeping are important to bring. Although a shelter may offer blankets and pillows, it’s better to be on the safe side and have yours with you.

6. Entertainment Items

Toys, books, and other non-electric items are vital. You’ll be in a shelter with most likely no electricity and plenty of time to fill. In order to stay occupied with some entertainment, bring board games, cards, puzzles, or any other activity you enjoy.

7. First Aid Supplies

Bring a first aid kit in case of an emergency. After the storm, there may be dangerous debris around the hurricane shelter, or someone could even get injured.

8. Hygiene

Bring a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, and any other personal hygiene products you regularly use.

9. Personal Information

Store your important personal information in a waterproof bag. This includes Social Security cards, birth certificates, and medical records, as well as other valuable documents.

10. Cash

Cash is important to bring, especially after the hurricane. Just like pharmacies, banks will most likely be out-of-service. Electricity may also be down, so credit or debit cards will be of no use.