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Lee Wetherington Homes

In the world of custom luxury home building, few names resonate with excellence and precision like Lee Wetherington Homes. For nearly 45 years, this distinguished company has been shaping the architectural landscape of the Sarasota and Manatee counties, crafting custom homes that defy ordinary. At the heart of their commitment to quality lies a significant partnership with PGT® Custom Windows and Doors, a collaboration that empowers both companies to be their best.
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Create effortlessly transitions from interiors to exteriors with flawless sliding glass doors. Lee Wetherington Homes utilized PGT® Custom Window and Doors to provide a high-quality sliding door experience for homeowners.

Building Dreams, Building Legacies

Neal Signature Homes’ flagship Aria community, an Italian-inspired enclave in Venice, Florida, is a prime example of what they offer to homeowners. This prestigious, gated environment sits on 152 acres and features tree-lined streets and resort-style amenities, including a clubhouse, fitness center, pool, spa and a bevy of tranquil gathering spaces.

According to Neal, one of the biggest problems in the homebuilding industry is unexpected delays due to unavailable materials. Given that impact windows come standard in Neal Homes built in Fort Myers and Napels, any lack of availability in quality windows would jeopardize hundreds of projects. That’s why Neal Homes partnered with PGT Windows and Doors — because they can rely on our service.  

“People are looking to us to build their final home.”

David Hunihan
CEO, Lee Wetherington Homes
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The Trusted Partnership with PGT Custom Windows and Doors

For over a decade, Lee Wetherington has chosen PGT as their preferred partner in delivering unparalleled quality to their customers. This decision stems from shared values, reliability and a commitment to excellence. 

PGT’s status as a local company, native to Florida and operating in the primary counties of Lee Wetherington, adds a layer of familiarity and trust to the partnership.

In the realm of luxury custom homes, flexibility is key. Lee Wetherington often seeks custom solutions for windows and doors, including 10-foot and 12-foot sliders, large fixed glass panels and various custom sizes. PGT’s flexibility and ability to meet the unique needs of Lee Wetherington contribute to the seamless integration of windows and doors into architectural designs.

What distinguishes PGT from other companies in the industry is not only their product range and innovation but also their unwavering commitment to standing behind their products. 

Lee Wetherington Homes values the assurance that if an issue arises with a window or door, PGT will be there to resolve it. This level of dedication aligns seamlessly with Lee Wetheringon’s commitment to providing the best possible products that endure for generations.

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High-quality sliding glass doors give homeowners luxurious views of the outdoors. Lee Wetherington Homes relied on PGT’s sliding glass door for their designs because they not only allow clear views but also let in ample natural light.

Customer Experience as a Benchmark

As Lee Wetherington Homes continues to shape the luxury home landscape, their partnership with PGT stands as a testament to their commitment to quality, innovation and the ultimate customer experience. 

Together, they are not just building homes — they are creating beautiful environments where memories are made and lives are shaped. In this season and beyond, Lee Wetherington and PGT invites you to envision a world where every detail is thoughtful, and every home tells a story of excellence and enduring quality.

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Lee Wetherington Homes

7590 Fruitville Rd Suite 200, Sarasota, FL 34240

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