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Advantages of Vinyl Windows & Doors

Advantages of Vinyl Windows & Doors

October 1, 2023
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Vinyl is one of the most popular materials for windows and doors. Homeowners seeking a door and window material that’s versatile, durable, and requiring little regular maintenance turn to vinyl.

While you may not give much thought to the material your windows are made from on a day-to-day basis, the material you choose when shopping for windows can impact your life once windows are installed. Here’s what to know about vinyl windows.


Vinyl doesn’t break down easily when exposed to sunlight. Over time, your windows and doors will generally maintain the same shape and appearance that was present when first installed. 

Vinyl windows are also very strong and moisture resistant. Vinyl is made of synthetic materials not impacted by exposure to water in the same way that other materials are impacted. This means that vinyl never needs to be painted or sealed to be protected from moisture, and will retain its shape even when conditions outside are hot or cold. Whether you live in a warm weather or cold weather climate, vinyl can withstand the environment and continue to function over the years.

This durability helps ensure that your vinyl windows will continue to impress visitors and guests long after they’ve been installed. Whereas materials like wood require regular maintenance, vinyl is a high performance material that needs little extra work to keep up its intended functionality.

Energy Efficiency

Vinyl windows and doors that are well installed can prevent air leaks to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Vinyl itself is known to be a good insulator.

Vinyl is also a good material for energy efficiency because these doors and windows aren’t greatly impacted by UV light. This means that your vinyl windows and doors will maintain a relatively stable level of energy efficiency over a long period, without a lot of extra maintenance.

Want to get the most energy efficiency out of your windows and doors? Look for products that are ENERGY STAR® rated. Products with this rating are on average 12% more efficient than products that don’t have this rating.

The ENERGY STAR® rating is your assurance that you’re purchasing energy efficient windows and doors. With ENERGY STAR® rated products, you’ll save more money on utility bills with time, which gives these windows a high ROI. This status can also give your windows and doors greater value, which can pay off when you sell your home, because newly installed ENERGY STAR® rated windows and doors can be an attractive feature in a home listing.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Some fixtures need regular painting and sealing in order to look and function its best. Wood is the best example of this, although any surface that has been painted may need repainting as the paint itself starts to deteriorate. Vinyl never needs to be painted. In fact, vinyl is the same color throughout, so even scratches on the surface often won’t show. This very forgiving material is easy for homeowners to maintain. Regular maintenance requirements for vinyl windows are typically limited to occasional cleanings.

Cleaning vinyl windows is easy. Simply rinse your glass with clean water to remove dirt and dust particles that can cause scratches during the cleaning process. Avoid using a power washer or garden hose. Apply a soft, water-saturated cloth or a pre-mixed glass cleaner to the surface. You can rinse the vinyl frames as well.

 If using a commercial glass cleaner, follow the printed instructions carefully. Rinse and dry any run-down quickly to prevent the cleaning solution from leaving a residue on your glass. If the tracks in the windows become dirty, wipe them with a damp cloth or use a vacuum to remove dust and dirt..

Cleaning vinyl doors is similarly easy. 

Style Versatility

Vinyl windows and doors come in many styles without sacrificing strength and protection. This range of styles ensures that you can choose the type of window that will look best in your home.

Window Styles

Double Hung windows have two moveable sashes, giving homeowners extra ability to control ventilation. The upper sash can be lowered to allow warm air the opportunity to escape, while the lower sash can be raised to give cool air a chance to enter.

Single Hung windows have one moveable sash. Single hung windows are among the most common types of windows because they’re affordable and attractive.

Horizontal Roller windows move from side to side instead of up and down. The side to side opening mechanism makes opening the windows especially easy.

Awning windows open upward at an angle, like a door with the hinges on top. Awning windows allow windows to remain open even when it’s raining outside. These windows open with a crank, for easy opening and closing.

Casement windows also open with a crank, similar to awning windows. Unlike awning windows, casements have their hinge on the side, similar to a door.

Sometimes choosing a window style can be a challenge. When considering what type of vinyl window is best for your home, consider its architectural style before making a final decision. Choosing a style of window that matches the style of your house can help ensure that your home will continue to look its best once your new windows are firmly in their place.

Door Styles

Just like windows, doors come in many styles. The type of door style that you choose for your home should be reflective of the architectural style of your home as well as your personal preferences.

Sliding glass doors are a preferred choice on side doors and back patio doors. Sliding glass doors are more glass than frame, and provide beautiful views of the yard.

French doors are hinged. These doors can be found inside or outside, used as exterior or interior doors.

Cabana doors are casual and attractive. They’re hinged like French doors, but have more vinyl and less glass.

Enjoy the Durability and Strength of Vinyl Windows and Doors

Vinyl windows and doors can do more than add beauty and functionality to your home. Some vinyl windows and doors are even hurricane impact resistant, which gives your home extra protection from high winds. If it’s important to you to install hurricane impact resistant windows and doors, tell your window or door dealer as you’re shopping around for the right products for your home. Whatever your needs, vinyl doors and windows can help you achieve your goals.