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Are Double Hung Windows Right In Your Home?

Are Double Hung Windows Right In Your Home?

March 15, 2023
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Double hung is a classic window style that looks good in homes ranging from 1940s bungalows to modern ranch style homes. Double hung windows are highly valued for their appearance as well as their functionality.

When new, high quality double hung windows are installed in your home, you can benefit from their ease of use and lovely aesthetic qualities. If you’re considering double hung windows for your home, there’s much you should know about their appearance and functionality.

Knowing their benefits, how they’re maintained and what they look like can help you make the right decision for your home.

What Are Double Hung Windows?

Double hung windows have two moveable sashes that can be raised or lowered on their track. With an upper sash that can be lowered to allow warm air out, and a lower sash that can be raised to allow cool air in, double hung windows are a good window style for homeowners who want options when it comes to home ventilation.

Double hung windows can have grids on their sashes, or may be left without grids. The window grid option and frame color that you choose impacts the appearance of the windows. These customizations allow double hung windows to take on whatever appearance really makes sense for your home.

Some tips:

  • Grid options vary. To see the grid options, speak with your window dealer.
  • To decide on the right window frame finish or color, go see the windows in a showroom. Do not rely on online sources to choose the right color for your home.

How Are Double Hung Windows Cleaned?

Double hung windows are known for being exceptionally easy to clean. Each sash on a double hung window can be tilted inward on its axis, for easy access to the outer pane. To clean, rinse the interior pane of glass with clean water to remove dust particles. Apply glass cleaner to the surface, then rinse the glass thoroughly with clean water. Dry the interior pane of glass with a second microfiber cloth. Always be sure to follow the manufacturer guidelines for care and maintenance.

Next, tilt each sash inward to gain access to the exterior, then follow the same cleaning procedure. Tilting the windows inward in this way allows you to clean your double hung windows – inside and outside – from the inside of your home. This convenient system makes it easy to clean double hung windows without hiring a professional, and without getting on ladders outside your home. Cleaning double hung windows is safe and fast.

What Are the Benefits of Double Hung Windows?

Double hung windows are some of the most common windows installed in homes for a reason. Whether aluminum windows or vinyl windows, the double hung style has the following benefits:

Ventilation. With two moveable sashes, double hung windows achieve considerable ventilation. Whether you’re allowing warm air out or cool air in, your double hung windows can be easily positioned to allow for excellent air flow.

Beauty. Double hung windows are attractive, and come in a range of grid and color configurations, to allow the windows to match your home’s style.

Easy to clean and maintain. The design that allows double hung windows to tilt inward for easy cleaning and maintenance. In fact, if you have double hung windows, you no longer need to contact someone else to get your windows cleaned.

Double Hung Aluminum Windows

Your experience with your windows can be dramatically impacted by the material that you choose. Aluminum windows have many advantages, especially for homeowners in coastal areas.

Aluminum is an extra-strong material that can withstand high winds and driving rain. This material can be made in any color and can be painted if desired.

Aluminum windows are known to be highly durable and can last for many years, even in coastal conditions, where building materials degrade quickly due to the presence of salt.

Double Hung Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is a strong and long-lasting material that’s the same color throughout. Vinyl windows look great even years after they’re installed.

Vinyl is also a good insulator, so it’s considered a very energy efficient material. In coastal areas, vinyl is highly resistant to corrosion and will withstand exposure to salty sea air. This material also never needs to be repainted or refinished—in fact, homeowners who would like to change the color of their vinyl windows may be unable to do so, which means that it’s important to choose the color of your vinyl windows wisely.

Making the Decision

Not sure whether to install double hung windows or another type in your home? These tips can help:

View Window Styles In Person

Make the decision by going to see window styles in person. Visit showrooms near your home. Try opening and closing sample windows to get a sense for how they function.

View the many window frame colors in person as well. Viewing window frame options on a website often won’t give you a good sense of what the frames really look like.

Consider Many Different Styles

There are many types of windows for homeowners to choose from when replacing their windows. In fact, it’s common for homeowners to choose different types of windows for different locations in their house.

Picture windows are commonly mixed with vented window types, but it’s also common for homeowners to mix and match various vented window types on the same structure.

A homeowner may choose to install double hung windows in most of their rooms, but may install an awning window or a casement window over the sink in their kitchen. Why? Because the turn crank on an awning or casement window makes for easy operation when leaning over a countertop and sink.

Keep in mind that when you’re replacing windows in your home, you don’t need to replace windows with the same style. You can replace a single hung window with a double hung, or even a casement, for example.

The most important thing to do when you’re installing new windows in your home is to be open to new possibilities. By considering new window options for your home, you can find the window style that truly matches your preferences.

Shop Around, Consider Different Brands

Consider several different window brands before settling on the kind that you like best. Considering different options can help you find the best brand for the best value. Talk to the customer service representatives for each dealer. Ask questions about window availability, installation, and more.

Get references for any dealer/installer that you’re considering. Ultimately, whether you install double hung windows or another style, it’s important to hire a reputable window installer. By shopping around, considering all the options, and by being open to different styles, you can find the right windows for your home.