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How to Work Effectively in Your Home

How to Work Effectively in Your Home

June 15, 2023
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Whether you work full-time from home, are in a hybrid arrangement, or just need space in your house to work through important tasks, a dedicated workspace is essential for getting things done. Improving your space is a rewarding experience that can make work more enjoyable and comfortable.

There are many things you can do to make your space at home a more productive and effective work environment. From upgrading your office furniture to improving your space with natural light, making changes big and small can change the way you think about and approach work. Below are several things you can do to make your space more personal, comfortable, and conducive to work.

Upgrade Office Furniture

Quality office furniture is specifically designed to be comfortable and ergonomic, so you can sit at your desk for hours at a time without doing damage to your body. The best desks are designed to hold files, your computer, and office accessories, keeping them organized and out of your way. Likewise, good office chairs are adjustable, so they can fit the contours of your body. A good chair will also be breathable, so you can sit comfortably in a variety of temperatures and environments.

If your home office furniture happens to be an old folding table and a chair from the dining room, you could be causing injury to your back and joints every time you sit down to do your work. The best office furniture is an investment, designed for hundreds or even thousands of hours of productive work. Do your research before making a purchase.

Know the space that you’re filling and think about your needs. What exactly are you storing in your desk? What’s your most comfortable sitting position? Where will the desk and chair be placed in your home? Know the answers to these questions, then make purchases based on the answers.

Soundproof Your Space

Noise from outside can be a distraction when you’re getting work done. If you live in a noisy area, whether that’s near an airport, by a freeway, or in a neighborhood with loud children and lawn mowers, those noises can intrude upon your thoughts and create a distraction when you least expect it. Soundproofing your space can improve your productivity and make working easier.

There are many things you can do to soundproof your work space. Some suggestions:

  • Install high-performance noise reduction windows. High performance sound reduction windows from PGT Custom Windows and Doors can help keep out some of the noisiest and most annoying sounds. Impact windows with Sound Transmission Class (STC) can also help protect your home from destructive winds and flying debris during tropical storms.
  • Install rugs and wall coverings. Hard surfaces can echo sounds, causing them to bounce around your home’s interior spaces. Rugs, upholstery, and wall coverings all have the ability to dampen sound. If you have the option to carpet your interior space, do so. If you don’t want to carpet your workspace, simply installing rugs and a wall covering like a decorative quilt can help dampen sounds.
  • Install well-insulated doors. Installing soundproof interior doors and impact exterior doors can help stop sounds and make your home a quieter space. Don’t have the option to install new doors? Consider pushing a welcome rug against the crack beneath your existing doors. The welcome rug will have the same sound-dampening effect as carpeting, and will help stop sounds from entering beneath your door.
  • Mask outside noises with pleasant sounds. From pleasant classical music to white noise that sounds like water, there are many pleasant sounds you can play in your home office to mask the noises outside your home. Find the sounds that you enjoy most, and keep in mind that any sounds playing in the background may be heard when you speak with coworkers or clients on the phone or video call. Keep the volume to a reasonable level.

Increase Lighting

It’s important to have adequate light in your workspace at home. Artificial lights should be pleasant, warm, and numerous. Use multiple lamps to create layered light and many lighting options. Avoid using one extra bright overhead light.

Natural lighting is also an important part of your workspace. Natural daylight is good for your body and has many healthy effects. Natural light can boost your mood, improve your focus, regulate your circadian rhythm, improve sleep, and boost your body’s supply of vitamin D. In other words, natural daylight helps make your workspace at home good for more than just work.

To improve natural day lighting, there are many things you can do.

  • Clean your windows. Get rid of the dirt and grime on your windows to allow as much light into the room as possible.
  • Cut back shrubs. Clear away any shrubs outside that block sunlight and darken your room.
  • Install energy efficient windows. Are your inefficient windows a source of heat in your home? If so then you might be tempted to close your drapes or blinds when the sun is high in the sky. Installing energy efficient windows ensures that sunlight can enter your home without making the room uncomfortable. When the sun is bright, you can throw open the curtains and let the daylight in.
  • Replace heavy curtains with sheers – or remove the curtains altogether. Heavy curtains block sunlight. Replace your heavy curtains with sheers or a simple valance that adds a decorative touch without getting in the way of the sunlight entering your workspace.

Make Your Space “Greener”

Green spaces are pleasant spaces. Houseplants can improve your cognitive function, reduce stress, improve your sense of well-being, and improve your sense of wellness. In other words, houseplants are good for you. Adding more houseplants in your work space is a good idea, if you can take care of them. If you’re worried about your ability to keep houseplants healthy, start with some easy types of plants like pothos or spider plants. Remember to match the houseplants to the quality of light in the room.

Add a Personal Touch

This is your work space, so add a personal touch. There are many ways that you can make your work space more personal without going over the top. Some suggestions:

  • Decorate the space with art you like.
  • Choose colors for the walls and furnishings that are personally meaningful to you.
  • Put a few items that you enjoy collecting on display.

Transform Your Home Into the Perfect Workplace

There are many ways to make your home a perfect workspace. By making your home office comfortable and conducive to productivity, you can enjoy a rich worklife in your very own house. Making changes gradually over time can be very satisfying. Start small and work your way up to larger alterations, like installing soundproofing windows. In a year, you could have a whole new work environment inside your home.