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Top 7 Tips for Window Replacement

Top 7 Tips for Window Replacement

June 11, 2022
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Replacing your home’s windows is a big part of any home remodel, but one thing to consider is that this investment will provide you with numerous benefits.

For starters, you’ll gain the ability to better protect yourself and your family from storms. This, coupled with the ability to obtain a refreshed and updated look to your home, ultimately makes for a terrific home investment. As a bonus, new windows add value to your home.

The thought of replacing your windows may seem intimidating, but it’s definitely a project worth looking into. In today’s post, we’ll take a closer look at several different window replacement options, along with features you’ll find you can choose from.

1. Buy Impact Windows for the Ultimate Fortification

When it comes to new windows, impact windows are the strongest type of protection you can get. Constructed with reinforced frames and impact-resistant glass, you can rest easy knowing you won’t experience shattered glass if hurricane-strength winds arrive during the stormy season.

Made with durable laminated glass with multiple layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) for better protection, impact windows go beyond protecting against high-speed winds. Its sheer strength also holds up to the brute force and flying debris. It will not fall apart or shatter. If a burglar attempts to break your impact windows, they’ll find themselves frustrated. Even a hammer or axe won’t be able to shatter your glass panes.

2. Purchase Non-Impact Windows for Added Protection

While not quite as strong as impact windows, people living in areas prone to intense storms often opt for wind tested non-impact rated windows. These heavy-duty windows meet the minimum level of wind resistance. As long as you don’t live in an area where impact windows are required, you’ll find non-impact rated windows could be a great option to offer you notable protective features.

Constructed of safety glass with durable lamination, wind tested non-impact rated windows offer at least one layer of PVB. Your windows will not shatter into shards of glass in high-wind situations, significantly reducing the risk of injury. They can, however, shatter if struck by flying debris.

Modern hurricane windows come in a variety of styles to choose from. You can increase the protective elements of your home with elegance.

3. Consider Noise Reduction Windows to Create an Oasis

Impact windows offer high-protection features, but did you know they also can help reduce unwanted sounds? Impact windows, and to a lesser extent, wind tested non-impact windows, can help provide a sound barrier to those distracting noises outside. Impact or wind tested non-impact windows, combined with other strategies can help you to create your ultimate oasis.

4. Design Your Own Look With Custom Windows

Custom windows are ones you purchase that are tailored to the exact specs of your home. Essentially, it is built for you. While many homes do just fine with stock windows, homeowners who buy custom windows either have an unusual space to position the window or simply want something unique.

Whether you want a curve or a contemporary angle, you can find a window style that meets your taste. You can also customize your colors and material, such as aluminum or vinyl.

Another benefit of custom windows is they’ll create a better seal since they are based on the exact measurements of your opening. The only drawback to custom windows is they do take longer to arrive since they are built specifically for you. That being said, many homeowners find custom windows to be worth the wait!

5. Create a Timeless Look With Double Hung Windows

Single hung windows have been used for centuries. These windows have one panel that opens vertically. Double hung windows take this classic style and adds more functionality.

While the two types of windows essentially look the same, the primary difference is that a double hung window has two operating panels. This means you’ll enjoy more ventilation, along with the ability to filter as much airflow as you desire.

Another benefit of double hung windows is the safety factor. Households with small children appreciate these windows since they can open the top half to get air while protecting their little ones from the dangers of falling.

6. Invest in Energy Efficiency for Your Home

If your home currently has older windows, there is a good chance they aren’t very energy efficient. According to, about 25%-30% of heat gain and loss occurs through windows.

When selecting your windows, research energy efficiency features. Look for:

  • ENERGY STAR rating
  • Low E glass coating
  • Double or triple panes
  • Argon gas fills
  • Quality frames such as aluminum and vinyl

With proper installation, new windows, including all the above types, offer tighter seals. It’ll also help you to keep the heat and air conditioning where they should be – on the inside of your home. Your new windows also empower you to maintain a comfortable temperature regardless of the season. Year after year, your wallet will thank you for investing in energy-efficient windows.

7. Aim for Easy Maintenance

Being a homeowner means you have what probably seems like a never-ending list of chores to do. If you’re planning to shop for new windows, why not choose one that makes your home maintenance a little easier?

Most new window designs are conveniently constructed with easy cleaning in mind. Consider choosing a window where the sashes tilt inward to allow for easy wipe-downs. You don’t even have to go outside. Just think of it – no more ladders or stretching to clean hard-to-reach corners of your glass.

New Windows are a Great Investment

Buying new windows is a good investment. Considering the average ROI on windows is about 85%, you can recoup the money spent more easily. Replacing your existing windows can also add “thousands of dollars to its market value,” according to Modernize.

Much like any other type of home improvement purchase, be sure to consider your needs, wants, and costs when exploring window styles. With the many options to be found on the market, you’re bound to find an option that’s perfect for your home while complementing your lifestyle.