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Why Black is the New Black

In much of home design, black has always been a classic accent. Yet for years, window frames — particularly on the exterior of the home — have often been a standard white, bronze, or other neutral.
A rising trend in recent years has been to flip this expectation. More and more home designers are leaning into the trend of black exterior window frames, and with good reason! This frame color is surprisingly versatile, running the design gamut from statement piece to supporting accent.

Versatility comes standard

Black exterior frames are a surprisingly flexible element in a range of design applications. Depending on the the building’s exterior color, black frames can stand out or blend in. In designs with lighter sidings, black frames create subtle lines that lead the eye, rather than distract. These lines have the benefit of showcasing window or door designs that are particularly large or striking, highlighting expansive openings or unique shapes.

Completing different designs

While black frames are a dramatic addition to the popular industrial style, they can add an elegant touch to certain classic architectural styles, as well. In more traditional home designs, black is a surprising neutral, which can add a touch of elegance to more standard windows and facades.

A new neutral

Traditional white frames are eye-catching. They’re designed to draw the focus. Black frames, on the other hand, can create a more subtle line, which can add interest and definition to a home’s exterior. Black frames also have the benefit of creating a bold contrast with lighter sidings like stucco or brick, adding drama and personal flair.
Black exterior frames are a standard option on all our PGT vinyl products, allowing for even greater creative design freedom. Whether impact-resistant WinGuard Vinyl or our energy-efficient EnergyVue line, we’re proud to offer this instant classic.
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