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Fall Decor for Coastal Homes

Fall Decor for Coastal Homes

September 23, 2020
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Although the thermometer may not show it, fall is here. With its arrival, it is time to start thinking about new home decorations to reflect the season. Discover fall decor inspiration, tips, and tricks to make your home feel ready for the new season.

Hang a Fall Wreath

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Who says wreaths are only for the winter holidays? A fall wreath can greet your friends and family while highlighting your home’s celebration of the new season.

Wearth placement is not limited to your exterior front door. Consider placing wreaths on:

• Windows using suction cup hooks

• On the inside of an entry door so everyone can enjoy it when the door is closed
• Mirrors in bathrooms using suction cup hooks
• Glass or French doors within the home
• Door knobs throughout the house

Whether creating your own or buying fall wreaths, consider hanging one with wildflowers, pine cones, or natural grasses. Homeowners can take a different approach by having a wreath with coastal items (starfish, coral, seashells, or rope) then paint these items in fall-inspired, jewel-toned colors. No matter what, have a fall wreath that suits your family’s personality and showcases your home’s decor.

Achieve Coziness Inside and Out

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It is time to swap out your summer throw pillow or covers for cozier colors, such as orange, light brown, and muted yellows. You do not have to replace your coastal colors completely but add these warmer tones to your home. Also, consider opting for warmer textures and materials, such as wool, fleece, or even sweater textured items. The same goes for your rugs. Swap them out for fall-colored ones that are thicker and warmer on your feet when you shuffle across them. The final touch is adding throw blankets of the same theme to your couches and chairs.

Also, do not limit yourself to the indoors. Consider adding these accents to your outdoor living spaces or even the front porch swing.

Carve Pumpkins With Aquatic Themes

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Of course, it is customary to carve pumpkins, especially when Halloween rolls around. It has been a tradition since the mid-1800s, after all.

You can put a coastal twist on things by going with aquatic themes. First, consider painting your pumpkin to match your home’s exterior or pull colors from the coast, flowerbeds, or potted plants. You can also go for a gilded pumpkin to create a unique look. Then, you can carve a seahorse, crab, anchor, or starfish into your pumpkin. If you like the simplicity of just painted pumpkins, there is no need to cut.

Choose Decor That Transitions

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Fall decor can easily transition into Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas if you select the right items. One do-it-yourself project would be to purchase lanterns and fill them with seasonal items. Consider:

• For fall- fill with faux leaves and mini painted pumpkins in fall colors

• For Halloween- fill with wireless orange lights and spooky Halloween decorations
• For Thanksgiving- fill with pumpkins and gords
• For Christmas- fill with wireless white lights and brightly colored tree decorations

Try Out These Fall Decor Ideas

Now that you have tips and tricks to decorate your coastal home for fall, it’s time to get creative. The next thing to do is go online and shop for crafting materials or buy items directly from retailers. No matter your approach, you are well on your way to transforming your home into a beautiful autumnal space. If you would like more ideas, search the Instagram hashtag #fallporch for additional inspiration.