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How to Declutter Your Home

How to Declutter Your Home

November 23, 2020
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It is hard to believe it, but the 2020 holiday season is here. The chances are that you are already making preparations for your holiday festivities. What about your home? Is it ready for the new year, or did the clutter pile up in recent months? Research shows that decluttering your home reduces stress and anxiety while improving family relationships. If that sounds like the positive energy you need inside your house, this post is for you.

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Read on for expert tips on how to declutter your home, room by room.

Kitchen & Pantry

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Clutter builds up fast in the kitchen, so this is a great place to begin organizing efforts. Here is a list of items you can safely get rid of:

• Old dish rags that have seen better days
• Storage containers without lids
• Expired spices and sauces
• Random condiment and cutlery packets that have not been used

Make a pile of small specialty appliances, tools, or kitchenware you never use. Host a garage sale, sell them online, or donate to a local thrift store. It will make you feel good to know someone else is using these items.

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To keep the clutter from building up again, make a habit of clearing out the fridge and pantry each week before you go grocery shopping. You can also turn on your favorite podcast or playlist and make it a weekly ritual.

Clothes & Accessories

If your drawers and closets are bursting at the seams, it is time to clear out the clothes, shoes, and accessories you seldom (or never) wear. Set aside time for an “in-home fashion show” and try on everything you own. Check your reflection in the mirror and be honest with yourself:
• Does the item still fit you well?
• Does it make you feel good to wear it?
• When was the last time you wore it?
• How likely are you to wear it in the near future?

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Make three piles of items to donate, sell, and get rid of. It is fair to hang onto something with sentimental value, but try to part with as many unused items as possible.

Home Office

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Clutter in your workspace can make it difficult to focus, so set yourself up for success by getting your work area organized.

Start by going through any stacks of paper, then filing, shredding, or recycling them. Switch to paperless statements and bills whenever possible. Also, make a habit of sorting your mail at the door and tossing junk before it can pile up in your office.

What if your “office” shares space with your living room or bedroom? Keep the area around you tidy, so you are not tempted to clean your home when you should be working (don’t worry, we’re all guilty of this).


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A final area to focus your decluttering efforts is your bathroom drawers and medicine cabinets.

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Get rid of any beauty, skincare, or medicinal products that are expired. The same goes for items you never use or do not like. Give the drawers and cabinets a thorough cleaning before you replace the remaining items. This is also an excellent time to sort through your towel and linen closets and get rid of torn, stained, or faded items.

Are You Ready to Declutter Your Home?

You may feel overwhelmed when you think of decluttering your home, but think how great you will feel afterward. Not only will you enjoy coming home to a clean, organized house, but your mental health will improve too. It is a win-win scenario for everyone.

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After you have put these decluttering tips into practice, what happens next? Maybe you have been thinking about a remodeling project for 2021. If so, head over to our remodeling gallery for fresh inspiration.