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Working with Uniquely Shaped Windows

Working with Uniquely Shaped Windows

December 4, 2020
Uniquely shaped windows add personality and flair to your home

It’s Not a Pane. How to Work with Uniquely-Shaped Windows

In the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the South Rose window is arguably the most famous in the world. Its 84 stained glass panels are spread between four circles and span an impressive 42.3 feet in diameter.

Aside from its beauty and historical significance, another feature that makes this window unique is the panels’ shape—there is no square or rectangle in sight.

You may not install a Parisian rose window in your home anytime soon, but you can still add character with unique windows. Please keep reading to learn about unique window shape options and how you use them in any home design.

What Are Uniquely Shaped Windows?

Unique windows, also called custom or architectural windows, go beyond the traditional rectangle. They encompass a variety of shapes and styles to add visual intrigue to your home. Here is a quick look at three nontraditional window shapes.

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Half Circle Windows

This half circle window adds a distinctive flair to the home.
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A half circle window, also called an eyebrow window, is shaped like the top half of a circle. It can be used as a standalone feature or placed above a traditional rectangular window to create an arched look. This style of window can be either vinyl or aluminum, depending on the homeowner’s needs.

Full Circle Windows

As the name suggests, oculus or full circle windows form a complete 360° round shape. They can be made of a single pane of glass or divided into spheres or sections using grids.

Hexagon Windows

Hexagon windows are six-sided accent windows that make a beautiful addition to any home. Usually, they are fixed or stationary, although some designs may be operable to allow for ventilation.

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Why Would You Install Uniquely Shaped Windows?

Unique windows set your home apart from others in the neighborhood. They enhance the curb appeal of your home while creating a standout, one-of-a-kind look.

Uniquely shaped windows serve a practical purpose, too, by allowing more light to enter your home. Having your architectural windows professionally installed will ensure your home stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, leading to energy savings year-round.

How Do You Include Uniquely Shaped Windows in Your Home Design?

Uniquely shaped windows add character to any home
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A challenge that comes with uniquely shaped windows is finding practical and attractive ways to cover them. The good news is that there are plenty of options for unique window coverings, blinds, and curtains. Also, Nate Burkus recently announced a new collection for The Shade Store, which creates custom drapery and window coverings for windows of all shapes and sizes.

Before selecting any covering for your architectural or picture windows, consider:

  • The direction the window faces
  • The amount of light the room receives
  • How much privacy you need
  • Whether you want to obstruct or enhance the outside view


You will want to choose materials and fabrics that match the existing style and decor of your home. It might be worth hiring a professional to measure your specialty windows and provide expert advice on the best window coverings to suit your needs.

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Enhance the Appearance of Your Home With Unique Windows

Why have a home that looks like every other house on your street when you can create visual interest with unique windows?

From half-moons to octagons, there is a uniquely shaped window that is perfect for your house. Combined with equally unique window coverings or custom blinds, your home will be stunning inside and out. Click here to learn more about unique window shapes and how they can enhance the visual appeal of your home.