PGT Innovations President & CEO

Mission Statement

At PGT® Custom Windows + Doors, protecting families is our purpose — and our promise. We build windows and doors for every day and once in a lifetime, providing reliable products and peace of mind to our customers.

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Why PGT®

We’re proud to make America’s #1 brand of impact resistant products*, but we don’t just build exceptional hurricane windows and doors. We lead the industry with our unwavering focus on safety and innovation. Following the devastation of Hurricane Andrew in 1992, we helped write some of the most stringent impact code requirements in the world, and we also hold the most Miami-Dade certifications in the industry. Our unmatched reputation for quality, performance, and service has helped us earn the trust of builders and millions of families around the world. Whether you’re looking for impact or non-impact products, you can rest assured that every window and door we custom manufacture in our Florida warehouse is designed for beauty, durability, and keeping your family better protected. We’re honored to serve you.

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America’s #1 brand of impact-resistant products to protect families

History of innovation

As a part of the PGT Innovations (PGTI) family of brands, innovation is at the heart of what we do. Our organization has led the market and pushed the industry forward for 40 years by striving to meet our customers’ needs with better, more advanced products. We continuously invest in research and development to discover new ways to make windows and doors that are stronger, safer, and smarter.

Always looking for new solutions, new ideas, and new inspirations, we listen carefully to feedback from our team members, dealers, and the homeowners who use our products daily. Once we identify opportunities for innovation, we employ deep research and development to ensure that all new products meet our strict standards of strength, beauty, and quality. This is true for PGT® and the entire PGTI family of brands.

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Core Values

A passion to serve.

We practice servant leadership, helping one another thrive and grow.

A focus on innovation.

We believe that innovation at its most basic level is creating change.

A philosophy of growth.

We believe the true measure of an organization is the growth of its team members.

Are you interested in joining our team?

We are always seeking dedicated professionals who embody our core values and uphold the industry’s highest standards.

Impact windows and doors resist shattering upon impact to protect against hurricane-force winds and other extreme weather elements. They also help deter would-be intruders, minimize ambient noise by up to 65%***, filter 99% of UV rays, and increase energy efficiency.

Community impact

Our commitment to people is evident in our core values: integrity, family, customers, quality, and community. PGT® is focused on protecting families, and this purpose is evident in our support for the people and communities in which we do business. We recognize our civic responsibility to be a caring neighbor, and we actively support local agencies and nonprofit organizations doing good in our area.

PGT® is part of PGT Innovations family of brands. For nearly 40 years, PGTI has been driven to create the strongest, safest building products on the market, with a resolute focus on always putting the customer first. Together as PGT Innovations, we are leveraging this combined strength by integrating our collective offerings, commercializing new products, expanding our services, and moving into new markets. We invent. We build. We deliver.

*John Burns Real Estate Consulting LLC, January 2020.
**2019 Builder Brand Use Report.
***Sound reduction percentage is based upon the WinGuard® Aluminum Picture Window’s (PW7720A) OITC rating compared to a single-pane window with an OITC rating of 19. Actual results may vary.