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2021 Home Decor Trends

2021 Home Decor Trends

December 15, 2020
2021 Home Decor ideas

It is safe to say that life has changed a lot this year. As you might expect, home decorating and design trends have changed as well. With many of us spending more time at home, families are looking for ways to maximize and enhance their space.

There are many exciting 2021 home decor trends on the horizon, so we will focus on three that can make the most of your existing space. Keep reading so you can start thinking about how to implement these decor trends into your home.

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Create a workstation in your home using 2021 home decor trends.

Creating Multiple Workstations

Are you among the 42% of Americans who now work at home full-time? Are one or more of your children also attending virtual classes at home?

Pick a designated homework and remote learning station for each child, preferably away from distractions like their toys or the television. Hang up colorful pictures, display their artwork, or allow them to decorate the space. At the end of each school day, make sure the area is tidied up, and their electronics and other supplies are ready for the next day.

You need to have a designated workspace, as well, even if it is just the corner of your bedroom. Keep the area uncluttered and, if possible, close the door while you are working, so everyone knows not to disturb you.

Turn an underused area of your home into a family game area.

Repurpose Underused Areas

Does your dining room sit empty most of the time since entertaining has declined? Why not repurpose it as a family fun zone?

Switch off the TV for a night and gather in the dining room to put together a puzzle or play a board game. Stock up on favorite drinks and snacks or order delivery from your favorite restaurant, then spend quality time together in this underutilized space. It will soon be a tradition your entire family will love. If you are crafty or know someone handy, you can consider building a game/dining room table.

Another often-neglected area of the home is the patio or front porch. Could you add some cozy chairs or a sectional couch and ottoman? Create a relaxed porch atmosphere with soft lighting, potted plants, seasonal decor, or a fire pit. Whether you use it for dining or just unwinding, making full use of outdoor space can expand the footprint of your home. 

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Freshen up your 2021 home decor by repainting the walls of an interior room.

Repaint the Walls

Several companies have already announced their 2021 paint colors of the year. The list features neutral earth tones and tranquil teals and greens that provide a relaxing, spa-like vibe.

Even if you are on a tight budget, you can transform a room with a simple coat of paint. Choose a color that makes you feel balanced and calm. If you do not want to repaint the entire room, choose one wall to repaint with a bold accent color that complements a neutral palette.

Update Your Residence With These 2021 Home Decor Trends

We expect most 2021 home decor trends to center on making the home more comfortable and efficient for the entire family. Use the tips outlined above to set up multiple workstations for each member of the household. Find creative ways to repurpose underused spaces. And remember that a fresh coat of paint can change the mood of any room in your house.

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