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3 Times Black Windows Made an Impact

3 Times Black Windows Made an Impact

February 26, 2019
Black Window Frames - Black Window Frame

Black windows are just like that classic black suit in your closet: a timeless go-to that complements every look, regardless of season. Over the past two years, black windows have become a popular trend that upgrade curb appeal in a variety of ways.

If you are considering black exterior frames for your home this year, get inspiration from the three examples below.

Black Adds Modern Sophistication

In this first example, the ‘before’ image features white exterior frames with light walls. The frames blend into the walls, placing much less emphasis on this modern-style office.

The ‘after’ image, which includes black exterior frames, makes the office the focal point and elevates the overall elegance of the room. These windows are the perfect accessory to the contemporary furniture in this space, adding flair and drama without overpowering any décor.

Black Leads the Eye

In this makeover, black places a stronger emphasis on the windows and doors. This is especially beneficial when you want your windows and doors to become an integral part of your overall curb appeal. Black exterior windows help guide the eye to the area of interest without overpowering the rest of the home’s unique features.

Black and White Are Timeless

You see the black and white combination nearly everywhere: fashion, animals (think zebra), art, and so much more. Imagine bringing this trend into your home’s design. This new neutral gives this home a more modern edge that will be enjoyed for years to come.

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