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8 Quick Tips for Keeping Your Home Organized Year-Round

8 Quick Tips for Keeping Your Home Organized Year-Round

January 7, 2021
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For most of us and our families, 2020 has been a unique year. If you spent a large chunk of your time at home, you may find it feeling a little more congested than usual.

The holidays bring an abundance of food, celebration, love… and stuff. Move into 2021 with ease by utilizing these ideas throughout the year to keep your home organized.

Tip #1: Small Chunks of Time 

The term organizing can seem daunting, but done right, it can be a fun and uplifting experience. By setting aside short periods each day, for example, a 5- or 10-minute window, you will see that larger organization projects can get done before you know it. 

With just 5 minutes per day, you can build momentum with your organization efforts. Also, do not hesitate to get the kids in on the fun. Give your child a shelf in their room or a drawer to re-organize. Set a 5-minute timer and make it a game. Consider having a contest where you take a shelf, and they take another. You’ll accomplish twice as much in the same amount of time.

Organizing home and donating items

Tip #2: Giving Stuff Away 

Try and be ruthless with the items taking up space in your home. Decide that you are going to give away just one item per day. Get a large box, and put something inside it that you no longer need or have not used in a long time. You can donate these items or share them on neighborhood social media outlets for curbside pickup. It will feel great knowing someone is using something that you have not utilized in a while.

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Tip #3: Donate Your Clothes 

Performing a simple exercise can help you determine which clothes you should give away. Once you have worn an item of clothing, hang it back up in the opposite direction. After a few weeks, donate the clothes that are still hanging the same way as when you started. There are many organizations in need of gently used clothes. Do some research to find out who could benefit most from your generous contribution.

Tip #4: Create a Mission List 

Create a mission list for organizing your home. Your mission list can be broken up room by room to make it simpler as you move through the house. Having a plan to check off will help keep you motivated too. Also, try and assign yourself a frequency to go through your mission list. Maybe it is once a month or every three months. Either way, it will help you stay on top of your organizing efforts year-round.

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Tip #5: Before and After Pictures 

To keep yourself motivated and enthused about your decluttering, consider taking before and after photos of areas you tackle. You can take shots of rooms as a whole or even smaller parts like bookcases and wall units. Then, share these with your friends and ask them to do the same. Who knows, you may find inspiration or new ideas for organizing your own home by seeing what your pals are doing.

Reorganizing a linen closet

Tip #6: Focus on Your Bathroom 

Generally speaking, the bathroom is the smallest space in your home. Once you have decluttered it, you tend to think the job is complete, and little things start to pile up again. Getting rid of clutter in your bathroom can be a weekly or monthly task. Consider removing empty bottles, rearranging your toiletries, and keep the countertops clear of chaos. Some people find themselves the victim of sample collecting. From lotions, perfumes, and skincare, consider placing them in a bag and offering them up to a stressed friend or neighbor that could use a little TLC.

Tip #7: Go on a Duplicate Mission 

Every six months, set yourself a ‘get rid of duplicates’ mission. Start in the kitchen because you will generally find multiples of the same utensil or same size pot. Donate the duplicates, and you’ll remove the clutter while giving someone something they need. Another place to look for duplicates is in sock drawers. Take time to go through them and determine if some are missing their better half or if it is time to retire pairs that have given their all.

Tip #8: Weekly Surface Clean-up

Places like coffee tables, side tables, bedside dressers, and more often become a dumping ground for things we bring into the house. Things like catalogs, magazines, and coins find a home on these surfaces. Once a week, do a surface clean, walk around the house and clear these surfaces of all clutter. 

Organized closet to create a decluttered home

Successful Home Organization Year Round

Organizing and keeping your home free of clutter doesn’t have to be intimidating or overwhelming. By using our list and breaking down your tasks into small, easily achievable sections, you’ll find that your house is looking like it belongs in a home decor magazine in no time. By starting this new routine in January, you can make it a habit for the rest of the year. Also, do not hesitate to enroll the help of your children or partner. These steps will set the tone for a new and more organized home.

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